ROYAL COMPANY provides a wide array of transportation services to and from all Egyptian destinations as well as to neighbour countries with a reliable and safe transportation solution to a diverse group of clients.

Our cultivated long-term partnerships with like-minded trucking companies, give us the ability to offer multiple services, which makes ROYAL COMPANY able to offer the most economical, efficient and competitive mode of transportation to deliver your cargo to and from any Egyptian location.

Also provides haulage for oversize, overweight, in gauge and out of gauge shipments, covering all Egyptian destinations using all the required special equipment, and complete logistics:

• Choosing the Optimal Routes
• Obtaining of All Necessary Authorizations & Road Permits
• Private and police escorts
• We are able to arrange all the required equipment – 2 AX Single, 3 AX Tandem, 3 AX Single, 4 AX Single-Tandem, 4 AX Tandem-Single, 4 AX Single, 5 AX Single-Tridem, 5 AX Tandem-Tandem, 5 AX Single-Single-Tandem, 5 AX Tandem-Single-Single, 6 AX Tandem-Tridem,
6 AX Tandem-Single-Tandem, extendable trucks, low bed trucks and flatbed Open Trailer, Lowbed/Lowboy Trailer, Flatbed Trailer extendable

ROYAL COMPANY staff is tailored to meet their client’s individual requirements and typically involve long term contracts and we are proud to mention that we enjoy a good reputation with our customers in regard to quality of services.