1- You'll be hiring professionals who do not only know the business well but also experienced in the Middle East.
2- Our team handles your invoices smartly and efficiently while preserving your positive relationship with your clients.
3- Save your time and money ! It's risk-free and result-wise.


We are based in the Kingdom of Bahrain at the heart of Gulf Countries, and based on long years of B2B collection experience, and deep understanding of the cultural background and modern business environment of the Arab world, we provide our overseas and local clients with cutting edge solutions.

Our team of professionals with 25 years of experience in the collection is specialized in banking, commercial law and arbitration within the Middle East specifically in GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman). Our team is operating with the highest standards of integrity while preserving absolute confidentiality.


Past due invoices are company’s most important assets. It's not just a debt figure on the balance
sheet and reflects all the resources a company harnesses to manufacture, ship, and sell its
products - all on a promise they will be paid at
some point in the near future. At TASWEYAT we
fully understand that when an account receivable
is not paid or delayed for months, especially when
it's significant, the impact can be devastating.
Depending upon the time past due and the amount outstanding, not only may cash flow be severely hampered, but in some cases a company's
operation may come to a complete halt.


To recover past due accounts, you need a
collection partner who works with your
consumers, negotiates payment and maintains
your customer relationships. With a smart
approach and diverse plan program options,
TASWEYAT Commercial Recovery delivers the performance and sense of security your
business needs; to maintain your business’
integrity, security, and revenue.


If we cannot resolve the matter on a voluntary
basis, we provide a variety of legal solutions
through an international network of debt
collection attorneys who work on a contingency
basis. We only recommend suit if we believe
there is an extremely high likelihood of getting a substantial return on investment.


On occasion there are disputes where the other
party has some damage claim against our client.
The end result may be that our client agrees
to accept less than the full balance owed as
part of settling the dispute. In other situations,
a debtor may be delinquent with a significant
number of vendors and only have a limited
amount of funds available to satisfy old debts.
While a long-term payment plan may get a full recovery, there is risk that the debtor goes out of business before satisfying the obligation in full.
In this situation, it may be preferable to negotiate a settlement agreement where the debtor gets a discount but pays the full discounted amount immediately. Clients must approve in writing any settlement agreement.


We do extensive research to either confirm
companies are no longer operating, or to
find them at a new location operating under
different names or with different contact
information. We also track down owners, either because they have personal liability for the
business debt or to confirm the business is
closed. Our research techniques may include
finding and contacting relatives, neighbors
and landlords as well as simply finding
working phone numbers and home addresses
for the person of interest.


This means developing an understanding of
the debtor – the business itself, the ownership,
and its employees. We seek to determine
how large they are, how long they have been
in business, and how the business is performing.
We will also investigate the background of owners, managers and employees as appropriate.
The debt collector uses this information to
develop a strategy and in
negotiations with the debtor.